Winter Canning Recipes

Winter Canning Recipes

Winter canning recipes are some of my favorite dishes to make and preserve for my winter pantry!

Most people think that once the holidays arrive, they can put all of their canning equipment away for the season.  I beg to differ!!  Winter canning is something I do every year!

Canning during the colder months allows me to focus on different kinds of food.  Since the garden has largely been put to bed for the winter, I can turn to canning prepared foods, meats, jams with frozen fruit and even soups!

The BEST Canning Supplies for Your Homestead Kitchen

jar of winter

Canning Meat in the Winter

It doesn’t take long to fill up our three full-sized freezers, as we raise our own meat.

Sometime in the fall, our meat birds are processed and go to the freezer.

Then, in January, our beef cow goes to the processor.  

By then, the freezers are packed full.

The prospect of the power going out is always a concern of mine, even though we have a generator.

Given that risk, I like to pull a good amount of meat from the freezer and can it up with my winter canning recipes!

You can pressure-can just about any kind of meat:  Beef, pork, venison, chicken, turkey and even fish.

The holidays can be a great time to pick up “loss leaders” at the grocery store.  For example, around Thanksgiving when whole turkey is at it’s most rock bottom price, it’s a great time to pick up a bird or two to can later.

How to Take Advantage of Grocery Store Loss Leaders

canned turkey

How to Can a Whole Turkey

Canning meat is fairly simple and straightforward.  If you have a pressure-canner, you can process meat.  Being that meat is a low-acid food, it’s imperative that you can in a pressure-canner.

canned ground beef

I really enjoy canning ground beef!

Having jars of pre-cooked ground beef makes meal prep so fast and easy!

How to Can Ground Beef

Whether you find meat on sale or buy in bulk from a local farmer, I highly encourage you to can some meat this winter!

beef stew

Winter Canning Recipes for Easy Winter Meals

Maybe you weren’t aware, but you can preserve your own “fast foods” to make dinner time incredibly easy!

Imagine having beautiful jars of chicken pot pie filling, chili or beef stew, right on your pantry shelf, ready to be eaten.  It’s the ultimate in fast food!

Check out the 53+ Canning Meals in Jars Recipes for some great ideas, and don’t be afraid to can some of your own recipes!

homecanned chili

Canning Homemade Chili with Meat

Easy Strawberry Preserves Recipe

                                                                                         The Best Strawberry Jam Recipe

Jams to Make with Frozen Fruit

I make a lot of jam in the summer, as the best fruits of the season are coming in like crazy!  But why not make jam  in the winter with fruit that you’ve frozen?

Strawberry jam is my family’s favorite, but I also make Black Raspberry, Raspberry and Blueberry jams.

When I see pineapple on sale after the first of the year, I buy a bunch to make jam with!

How to Make Easy Pineapple Jam

However, I must admit that one of my very favorite jams to make is Christmas Jam!  The trick, however, is that you need strawberries and cranberries, which come in to season at very different times.

So, I freeze enough strawberries to pull out of the freezer, once I see that cranberries are in the store!

This recipe is the bomb, let me tell you!  The combination of cranberry, strawberries and cinnamon is absolutely amazing and one of my favorite winter canning recipes!

I like to give it as Christmas gifts!

turkey broth

Making Use of the Carcass for Broth

Since you’re going to have more time to spend with your canner and your winter canning recipes, don’t neglect to make deeply nutritious broth!

Homemade broth is full of amino acids, good for digestion, brings joint and immune support and can even help you sleep!

I love being able to start recipes with my own homemade broth!  Broth is also perfect for when someone is ill and having trouble holding down food.

wood spoon of dry beans

Pressure Canning Dry Beans

One of the smartest things I started doing in my food preservation repertoire was canning dried beans.

Pressure canning dry beans is so simple and it will save you soooo much money!

Check out my step-by-step tutorial here!


Winter Canning Recipes – Soups

Canning soup is one of my favorite things to can!


It’s just the most wonderful feeling to create my own healthy, “fast food” to make easy meals with, after a long day.

Further, I like to stretch meals by adding a grain or pasta to my soups. It makes for a heartier meal that sticks to your ribs.

When canning your own soup recipes, remember that you need to pressure-can for the ingredient that takes the longest.

Do YOU have a favorite soup recipe to share? Do you can that recipe?

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