Ways to Save Money: 47 Hacks You Need

Ways to Save Money: 47 Hacks You Need

When you’re looking for ways to save money each month, it’s usually “the little things” that make all the difference! Small leaks sink large ships! Follow me as I show you “Ways to Save Money: 47 Hacks You Need”!

“I never have any money” or “I don’t know where all my money goes”!

I hear this all the time from people who struggle with their finances.

They have good intentions, but the problem is that they lack a plan.

When you don’t have a financial plan in place, your emotions will govern your spending.

THIS is where people get into trouble and can’t figure out where all of their money goes.

But you know what?

When you make financial decisions ahead of time, before you’re in a position of temptation, you’ll be better able to resist those impulse purchases!

Let’s look at ways to save money fast, on a tight budget as well!


46 Frugal and Sustainable Living Tips

training your brain helps to save money

The brain has a lot to do with our financial decisions.

The Pre-Frontal Cortex of the brain regulates higher-level thinking, such as decision-making, problem-solving, reasoning and making choices.

This is the part of the brain you want to be used with regard to your finances!

The pleasure center of the brain, the Nucleus Accumbes, is what’s responsible for emotional buying, whether it’s fear, hunger, loneliness or any other emotion.

By writing down your goals and intentions, the Pre-Frontal Cortex will help you to avoid emotional decisions! You may still have emotional urges, but once you look at the goals and new habits you’ve written down, logic will usually take over!

french press coffee maker to save money


    Clever Ways to Save Money

    1. Make Coffee at Home

    I love making my own coffee at home.


    Well, because I’m a bit of a coffee snob.  Plus, I know exactly how I like it.

    Yes, and because I can keep more money in my pocket by making it at home.

    With all the money you’ll save from buying coffee out, you could afford to buy coffee creamers and syrups to create your own “coffee masterpieces”!

    I use a French-Press coffee maker that’s over 15 years old. It’s stainless steel and will last forever.

    French-press coffee is stronger than automatic drip and tastes so much better! Every other coffee tastes a little “off” to me now.

    I buy bulk coffee beans at Costco and grind them at home. Freshly ground coffee tastes a zillion times better than coffee grounds from the store!

    My adult children have watched me with my French Press for years and they prefer it as well!
    .carry a sandwich to save money

    2. Pack a Sandwich

    I do this all the time and it’s such an easy way to save money!

    I just reach in our bread drawer for bread and peanut butter. In 10 seconds, I made a sandwich. Nothing fancy.

    It’s designed to keep me from getting hungry, which will enact my Nucleus Accumbes, and tempt me to drive-thru somewhere for lunch!

    combine errands to save on gas

    3. Limit Driving Time in the Car

    This isn’t hard for me because I’m such an introvert, I would always rather stay home!

    However, keep in mind that every time you start your car, you’re losing money.

    Yep, you’re losing money on gas, oil, tires and engine life, every single time you drive.

    Make your car last longer and reduce your expenses by only driving when necessary, and even then, combine errands.  
    eat leftovers to save

    4. Eat Your Leftovers for Lunch  

    Eating your leftovers on a consistent basis is an easy way to save money, fast!

    Food waste accounts for over 40% of the food produced!!!

    Most people wind up throwing leftover food away because they don’t have a plan in place to make sure it’s eaten.

    Want to save money on your grocery bill? Eat your leftover food!

    When I was homeschooling my children, we always had leftovers for lunch!

    Most of my children are grown now, but I still look forward to heating up leftovers for lunch.

    Heck, I had spaghetti for breakfast the other day!

    13 Clever Ways to Manage Leftovers

    5.  Bring a Water Bottle Everywhere You Go

    Being somewhat of a ‘thirsty’ person, I always need a drink close by.

    I’m probably a water bottle snob as well.

    I will only drink out of a cup with a stainless steel liner. You can pick these up at Goodwill for a song. It will last pretty much forever.

    I don’t trust plastic water bottles, no matter what they say.  
    water coming out of a shower head

    6. Shower Less Frequently

    Unless you work at a very physical or dirty job, you probably don’t need a shower every single day.

    You might even be able to go every two days.

    Remember, only a few areas of your body create odor, and you can wash up in the sink for those.

    Re-apply deodorant and you’re good to go!

    woman in shower

    7.  Avoid Shampooing Every Day

    Once again, most of us wash our hair too often by just automatically reaching for the shampoo when we hop in the shower.

    Most conventional shampoo is hard on your hair! Even fancy brands are full of chemicals that your body doesn’t need.

    You might even want to consider the “No Poo” method!


    8.  Use the Minimum Amount of Everything to Save Money

    Whether it’s shampoo, laundry detergent, toothpaste, hand lotion or dish soap, I always use half (or less) of the recommended amount. 
    Better yet, water it down!  Nine times out of 10, I get the desired results.
    handmade soap with flower

    9. Use Bar Soap and Save Money

    When shower gel first came out, it took me a while to wrap my brain around it.
    Growing up, everyone used bar soap.
    Now, I’m told that using bar soap is unsanitary.
    Ok, well what if everyone had their own personal bar of soap?
    This is still WAYYYYYYY cheaper than shower gel.
    used clothes to save money

    10. Wear Clothes a Second Time 

    Unless you work at a dirty job or you perspire profusely, you should be able to wear your clothes a second time before washing them.
    The key to this is to turn your garment inside out and hang it in your closet to air out.

    woman cooking dinner at stove

    11.  Decide on What to Have for Dinner Early in the Day

    An almost surefire way to find yourself ordering pizza for dinner is to NOT have a plan for dinner.

    The funny thing….dinner comes around just about every night. (wink)

    Even if you just decide to have soup and sandwiches, you’ve made a decision!

    Lay your meat out in the morning or get dinner into the slow cooker early, but plan something for dinner.  This is a really easy way to save money!

    Even if your dinner consists of eating all of your leftovers!  
    books on shelf at library

    12. Read Books from the Library or Free Kindle Books  

    I’m a total bookworm!  
    Always have been.
    Take all of my possessions but leave the coffee and my books!  
    The library is one of my favorite places! The books are free and I don’t have to commit.  I’m amazed at how many free books are on Kindle, and they change constantly!

    led bulbs save money


    13. Use LED Light Bulbs

    For years, I completely underestimated the effectiveness of using LED light bulbs!

    LED light bulbs use 75% less energy than regular incandescent bulbs! That’s huge!

    Oh, did I mention that they can last 10 years???

    The downside is that LED bulbs are a little pricey, but just replace your bulbs as you have the money! Pretty soon, you will have replaced all of the bulbs in your house!


    woman with hot tea and stack of sweaters

    14. Keep the Thermostat Down to a Semi-Uncomfortable Temperature

    The Norwegians say “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes”.  Said another way “Heat the person, not the house”.

    During the winter, I like to keep the thermostat down to the point where I need a hat and a bulky sweater.

    I’ll turn it up a bit as the family comes home at the end of the day, and then back down it goes before bedtime.

    Our electric bill rarely exceeds $80.   

    childs hand turning off lights

    15. Make Sure All the Lights and Surge Protectors are Off Before Leaving the House

    Just taking a few minutes to walk through the house and make sure everything is off when not in use, and unplugged will have a tremendous effect on your electric bill!

    woman comparing choices

    16. Always Compare Prices before Purchasing Anything

    Whether it’s a casserole dish or a piece of furniture, always ask yourself how you can purchase the best quality at the lowest price.

    Buying the cheapest item isn’t always the best option. Well-made items will last longer and serve you better. Try to buy better quality, used items.

    There are some things that are just too easy to get at garage sales, like kitchen cook wear and kid’s clothes.

    When looking for furniture or appliances, check out the Facebook marketplace. I’m amazed at the great deals they have on there.

      stack of coupons to save money

    17. Always Look for a Coupon if You Must Buy Something

    If you plan to go out for a meal, at least look for coupons to save you money on the bill!

    I’m a little leery of coupons for groceries, but if you find some once in a while that coincide with what you already planned to buy at the store, then use them.

    Where you can get into trouble with coupons is when you find yourself purchasing things, just because they’re cheap.


    18.  Buy the Best Quality You Can Afford

    Thrift stores are the very best place to find good quality, used clothing on the cheap!

    Go beyond Goodwill and Salvation Army if you can, there are small, local thrift stores that need your business and have great deals, too!

    DIY to save money

    19. Become a DIY’er

    If you truly want to master your finances, becoming a “DIY’er” will save you money fast!
    As you go through your day, pay attention to products that you use and ask yourself “Can I make this/or something that will do the same thing?”.
    For example, say you usually buy canned dog food to mix with your dog’s kibble.
    Why not try to make your own dog food?
    It’s so much cheaper AND healthier!
    Personal products are another great place to save money! It’s easy to make your own moisturizer, facial cleanser, soaps, make-up, deodorant and more! Go “paperless” in your home and save a ton of money!
    You can make your own cloth napkins, toilet paper and completely replace paper towels by using cloth ones!
    save money by quitting bad habits

    20. Don’t Smoke, Drink or Vape

    I’ll be honest with you. I’ve never smoked, drank or vaped.
    But let me tell you about a friend of mine who is disabled and low-income.
    She really needs a car, but hasn’t been able to afford one.
    So we sat down, looked at her budget and crunched numbers.
    I was completely blown away at the amount of money she spent every month on cigarettes and energy drinks!
    There’s the money she needs to buy a good used car, pay for insurance and gas!
    Again, I want to express empathy and zero judgment for those trapped in these habits, but DANG!
    Think of how much money you would save if you quit!
    My friend has weaned herself down to 2 cigarettes a day and is drinking coffee instead of energy drinks.
    She has her eye on a nice car for $3,000 and I think she’s going to be able to buy it!  

    21. Buy Food that’s in Season

    Food that’s in season is cheap!
    When you discipline yourself to eat and plan your meals around what’s in season, you’ll save a lot of money on food!
    Also, take advantage of holiday specials to stock up on food at rock-bottom prices!
    It happens to be Thanksgiving season right now. Whole turkeys can be had for .39 cents a pound and stick butter is $1.79 per pound.
    So, I buy a couple of turkeys to eat later in the year and I’ll buy a year’s worth of butter.
    Watch for those holiday deals!  

    22. Avoid Buying Cleaning Supplies

    Cleaning supplies are nothing but overpriced, chemical cocktails full of toxins.
    Let’s go back to the basics of vinegar, dish soap, water and baking soda! Amazingly, you can pretty much clean your entire house with these simple, and cheap ingredients!
    General Cleaner
    Fill a 16-ounce spray bottle with 3/4 water, 1/4 vinegar, one teaspoon of unscented dish soap (or Castile liquid soap) and a few drops of essential oil (lemon or lavender would be nice!) and clean your counters, baseboards and most surfaces.  

    23. Avoid Buying Laundry Detergent and Fabric Softener

    Here’s another pet peeve of mine…expensive, toxin-laden laundry detergent!
    It’s very easy to make homemade laundry detergent, check out this recipe!  You will save a lot of money by making your own detergent!
    clothesline to save money

    24. Avoid the Dryer as Much as Possible and Invest in a Clothesline

    Most parts of the world don’t use clothes dryers! Clotheslines are universally used, even today!
    Remember, appliances that use 220 volts use a lot of power! That’s your dryer and your stove!  

    Clever Ways to Save Money


    25. Save Money on Electricity and Use Large Appliances Wisely

    We all need to turn the stove on once in a while. However, try to “batch cook” when you can.
    Keep the oven on and keep baking, rather than turning the oven off and on again.  
    used car

    26. Drive Older Cars to Save Money

    Car payments and full-coverage insurance will keep you broke!
    It’s much more fun to drive nice, but used cars and pay much less for car insurance!
    Years ago, my husband and I were trying to pay off two car payments on late-model cars.
    Paying full-coverage insurance along with those car payments was a painful experience. I never thought it would end, but it was the only way to get out of debt.
    You might be wondering how in the world anyone could pay cash for a used car.
    We did as well.
    Here’s how it worked for us: We saved.
    For a very long time.
    We sold stuff and added to our van fund.
    Finally, after several years of saving, we had come up with $5,000 cash.
    Five thousand dollars doesn’t buy much of a van.
    With three children, at that time, we really wanted something safe and decent looking.
    The van we finally purchased was a full-sized Chevy, 10 years old with 93K miles on it.
    The older couple who sold it to us had owned it since it was new, and the 93K miles were all highway miles.
    This couple was really into golfing and primarily drove to golf outings.
    The best part was that when we “Kelly Blue-Booked” the van, we found that it was worth over $6,500!
    front of a bank

    27. Find a Bank that Doesn’t Charge Fees

    There is no reason to pay for a checking account!
    Check out these “11 Best Free Checking Accounts” and save your money!  

    28. Save Money by Exercising at Home

    With the Covid-19 crisis, many gyms have been closed down.
    This has forced people to get outside and walk the dog and get some fresh air.
    Speaking as a former bodybuilder, I’m not sure the gym is the best idea for many people.
    I did a lot of damage to my body in the gym when I was younger.
    Competitiveness and comparison can creep in and make us push our bodies further than they should go, leaving us feeling worse than before we came to the gym.
    Today, I’m all about “functional strength” and exercise that is based on normal body movements.
    Walking, working in the garden, doing yard work and running around after children top my exercise choices today. PLUS, it saves money!

    29. How to Save Money: Use Kitchen Hand Towels to Avoid Paper Towels

    Growing up, we never had paper towels.
    What did we use?
    Well, our mothers had kitchen wash rags and kitchen towels.
    All messes, dirty dishes and spills can be cleaned up with these handy cloths. Paper towels are not only expensive but for the most part, completely unnecessary.
    The only exception, in my mind, is draining bacon.


    magazines on a shelf

    30. How to Save Money: Cancel Magazine Subscriptions

    Print magazines are just about dead.

    Their sales have dropped so much over the last 5 years, that many of the most popular magazines aren’t even available in print anymore.

    Have you seen the price of a magazine lately?? They cost as much as a book!

    80% of most magazines are just ads, and further, consistent magazine readers are known to spend more money on consumer items than non-readers.

    So, why clutter your home (and mind) with paper magazines when it’s all online now?

    Most magazines are available at the library, for free, if you must read them.


    31. Never Buy Extended Warranties

    For the most part, extended warranties are rarely worth the money.

    Extended warranties are a 40-billion-dollar business! Why do you think that is?

    Think about it. They don’t pay.

    One exception, for us, would be a replacement warranty on a new cell phone. We’ve collected a couple of times for phones that teenagers damaged beyond repair.


    bottled water bottles

    32. Stop Buying Bottled Water to Save Money Fast

    In my opinion, bottled water is one of the biggest, commercial frauds…ever.

    Whoever thought that people would buy water in a bottle?

    I grew up in the age when we drank out of the garden hose while we were playing outside and then went back to playing!

    Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m all for good water. We have a Reverse Osmosis water purifying system in our home, so I fill my own water bottles up with that.

    I’ve tested it with a water-quality meter and it’s perfect.

    However, I encourage you to get one of these water-quality meters and check out the bottles of water you pay for. My guess is that it ranks as tap water much of the time.


    33. Make Homemade Dog Food

    swap baby toys to save money    

    34. How to Save Money:  Rotating Children’s Toys

    Most parents are overwhelmed with their kid’s toys all around the house.

    When our children were small, we organized their toys in such a way that some toys were in their bedrooms, other toys were in the family room.

    Every toy had some sort of storage box to keep them in, so that the kids knew where to put them away.

    Then, other toys were put “away” until boredom set in with the first toys.

    Then we would switch the toys up, bring out the “new” ones and put the “old” ones away.

    You probably don’t need more toys, you just need to rotate the ones you have.

    If you don’t have as many toys as you would like, swap toys with a friend who has children about the same age as yours!


    35. Clean and Re-use Zip Lock Bags

    I’ve done this forever.

    Simply clean your zip-lock bags out when you’re washing dishes and then let them dry.

    If you stored raw meat in your bag, just pitch it.

    I get quite a few uses out of them!…  


    woman getting manicure

    36. Do Your Own Manicures at Home and Save a lot of Money

    I love to get an occasional manicure, for special occasions like weddings,  but I really don’t like the price!

    It’s so easy to just do your own nails at home. Keep it simple and don’t over-buy polish. Just a few colors is fine.


    37. Clever Ways to Save Money: Watch YouTube and Learn How to Cut Hair

    Raising 6 boys, I learned quickly how to cut a little boy’s hair.

    I had no background in cosmetology and in today’s world, that isn’t even necessary for a decent home cut.

    By purchasing a Wahl Hair Clipper for about $30, I could cut the kid’s hair when I wanted to and never leave home.

    We’ve saved thousands of dollars over the years!

      grooming a white dog

    38. Groom Your Own Dog and Save Money Fast!

    Same as #37!

    My Havanese “Remi” requires grooming, but there’s no way I’m going to pay for it! Groomers charge more than hair stylists do!

    I invested in a Wahl haircutter, a grooming table and watched a lot of YouTube videos. (Yes, I use the same hair clipper that I use on the kids and myself!)

    Remi’s grooming won’t win any awards, but he looks pretty darned good!

    The table and Wahl clipper paid for themselves in one grooming.


    39. Take Advantage of Loyalty Programs

    I love loyalty programs, but you have to be careful about the details of each one.

    Also, make sure that you only use loyalty clubs in places where you already shop. It doesn’t make much sense to shop somewhere that you don’t enjoy just to receive loyalty points.

    Since I buy gas for my truck on a regular basis, it makes sense for me to take advantage of the loyalty program at my gas station of choice, which would be Speedway.

    Whenever I fill up, I almost always have a free drink available on my card, so I take advantage of it.  The key is to not grab something else to eat that will cost you money.

    Walk out with the free stuff, only!

    woman picking up groceries to save money

    40. Order Groceries On-Line and Pick-Up to Save Money

    Ordering groceries online for pick-up is one of the best ways to save money fast!

    Online grocery shopping allows you to stick to your list, take advantage of the sales and NOT to be influenced by all of the other buying temptations.


    41. How to Save Money: Use Things Until They Die

    Replacing items when they are “used up” is fine, but just how often do we use something until it has absolutely NO usefulness to it?

    Learning to maintain and take care of expensive items like mattresses, cars, coats and leather shoes will make them last a long time!

    My mattress is 19 years old.

    We purchased a high-quality, two-sided mattress with all intentions of making it last.

    It’s been rotated regularly and I’ve used my steam cleaner to lightly clean both sides every year. Most people don’t realize how many dust mites and dead skin cells lurk in their mattresses, but NOT if you clean them.

    It’s still going strong.


    42. Re-Purpose Everything Possible to Save Money

    I am not a fan of plastic.

    As much as I try to avoid it in my purchases, sometimes there’s just no way around it.

    Rather than recycling (which is usually just shipping the waste to a third-world country), give that plastic container a new life.

    It helps to think about this when you’re shopping.

    For example, when I shop and purchase something in a plastic container, I’m already thinking about what I can use it for after I’ve used up the product.

    One of my favorites is a 64 oz. orange juice pitcher that I re-purposed for my dogs. I keep the pitcher full of water, near their food bowls, so that I can quickly top off their water.

    I also used pasta jars to store home-grown herbs for later use.  


    fresh christmas wreath

    43. Ways to Save Money: Avoid Purchasing Holiday Decorations

    About 10 years ago, we had a barn fire.

    We hadn’t been in our house long, just about a year.

    There was quite a bit of storage out in our pole barn, like furniture that we hadn’t placed in the house yet, years of toys, fabric, pictures, lawn equipment and holiday decorations.

    We lost it all.

    The following Christmas, we found ourselves without a tree or a single ornament.

    But we decided to take advantage of this opportunity because it forced me to have to really think about what I wanted to replace everything with.

    Did I want to just replace Christmas decorations, just to replace them??


    Rather, we decided to be very intentional about what we replaced our decorations with.

    That first year, we had a tree that someone gave to us, with a few lights on it.

    It was plenty!

    Sure, we could have loaded it up with ornaments, but we decided not to and to rather take our time choosing.

    Today, we do have an artificial tree with carefully-chosen ornaments, but I have very few “decorations” to speak of.

    I prefer to decorate for the holidays with natural elements, like hand-made wreaths and garlands from pine trees on our property.

    This way, I don’t have to store the decorations, I just dump them in the compost pile.

    How to Make a Fresh Christmas Wreath from Scratch


    cloth napkins to save money

    44. Go Paper-Free at Mealtime by using Cloth Napkins and Real Plates

    We have had a paper-free kitchen for quite a while now.

    But recently, I glanced down the paper products aisle to see how much paper plates and napkins cost these days…

    Mind blown.

    At Walmart, even the cheap, thin and flimsy paper plates were nearly $8!

    By the way, $8 would buy almost 4 gallons of milk.

    Paper napkins also cost more than I was willing to pay, for something that I’ll wipe my mouth with once or twice and throw away.

    I would rather put my food dollars towards real food, rather than waste it on disposable items.

    How to Make Easy Cloth Napkins


    make gifts to save money

    45. Start Your Own “Christmas Fund” and Save Money at the Holidays

    Rather than struggle to come up with the money for Christmas gifts every December, it makes good sense to just put a little back each month.

    When I was a kid, this was called the “Christmas Club” at the bank. Local banks actually encouraged patrons to save for Christmas in a separate savings account.

    Today, it’s so simple to just set up an automatic transfer from your checking account, for a few dollars every paycheck, to go into a specifically designated Christmas savings account.

    You’ll never miss it.

    I’ve been doing this for years now and I’m never stressed about Christmas buying because the money is always there.


    46. Set up Automatic Withdrawals for Sinking Funds

    One great thing about automated banking is that it’s so easy to set up separate “savings accounts” or “sinking funds” for specific items you’re saving for.

    “Sinking Funds” are really just anticipated purchases that you’re setting aside money for today.  

    In the future, you may want to save for a home or the remodeling of the home you currently own.

    Maybe you want to take that “Dream Vacation”, a sinking fund is a great way to put that money away.

    Other sinking fund ideas might include saving $1000 for an emergency fund (highly recommend this one!), saving for new tires, car repair or new (to you) car, investing in equipment and/or education that makes you money or makes you more sustainable, etc.

    86 Ways to Make Money on a Small Farm


    47. Continually Ask Yourself “Do I Really Need This??” to Save Money Fast

    Want to know the best way to save money fast??  Don’t spend it.

    Before buying something, ask yourself “Can I live without it? Does this potential purchase line up with the goals I’ve set for myself?”

    We are faced with over 3,000 images per day to purchase something.

    The temptation will never go away, that’s why it’s so important to have a plan and goals.

    So when you’re tempted, you can point back to the goals you have in place and learn how to say “No”!

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