The Best Emergency Lighting for a Power Outage

the best emergency lighting for a power outage

Bringing light to a room in America is as simple as flipping a switch, since the advent of the electrical power grid and its connection to our homes.  But what about those times when the grid is down from a storm or otherwise?  You need alternative lighting!  What’s the best emergency lighting for a power outage?  Let’s take a look!

Since the beginning of time, man has needed light to guide his way.  Flames and torches lit many a castle back in the day!  Thankfully, we’ve come a long way since then in terms of “off-grid” lighting options.

But don’t write off the simplicity of fire to accomplish lighting!  The candle has evolved to become not only more efficient, but safer as well.

The Amish are the masters of off-grid living, and much of the lighting in their homes still utilizes the flame!  Other more modern options exist, mostly from Lehman’s, the non-electric store that caters to the Amish and other “off-grid” folks.

Because the Amish choose to not partake of the electrical powerlines, they will probably never notice when the power goes out, or if we have an EMP or solar flare.  This is true sustainability! 

I took a trip up to Lehman’s in Holmes County, Ohio, primarily to shop for non-electric lighting for our home.  If you even get the chance to go to Lehman’s, I can’t recommend it highly enough!

Amish Lifestyle Today and Why They Continue to Thrive

candle hook in mason jar

This Taper Candle Hook was one of the first non-electric lighting items that I purchased.  It couldn’t be more simple!  Put a taper candle in it and drop the hook down into a 1/2 gallon mason jar!  

The jar keeps the flame subdued and the glow is so relaxing!  I keep mine displayed and enjoy using it, even when the power isn’t out!


candlelier lighting

This Chandelier Candle Lantern is wonderful if you’re concerned about young children being around a burning candle.  Three candles are spring-loaded and will burn for up to 9 hours!  There are no batteries or fuel needed and can be used inside or outside.


hurricane lamp candle

This 40-Hour Hurricane Candle Lamp is not only beautiful, but it will burn as long as you want it to, then extinguish on its own.  Using a beeswax candle, which eliminates negative ions in the air, will burn clean in your home!


oil lamp for emergency lighting

I have several colors of this type of lantern and LOVE them!  They’re functional but attractive as well!

This Feuerhand Lantern comes in a lot of different colors to match any decor, but they are designed for outdoor use, only.   The Feuerhand contains enough fuel to burn for 20 hours and will serve you well for when you need to feed the animals in the dark!


lamps for emergency lighting

This Forest LED Lantern is not only rechargeable, but it lasts up to 80 hours on low!   Perfect for indoor or outdoor use!

oil lamp for emergency lighting

 oil lamps for emergency lighting

Let me introduce you to the basic oil lamp, these are essential to any home concerned about

potential power outages!  I have several of these, all over the house, because they’re so elegant.

However, by burning KleanHeat Oil in your oil lamps, you can safely use them indoors.  The best part is that KleanHeat oil will last next to forever!



Be aware of the difference between functional lighting and decorative lighting.  Don’t risk a fire in your home by using something meant for decoration for emergency use.  Some of the emergency lighting in this post can serve as decor, but are designed for emergency lighting.

Don’t wait until you have a power outage to try out some alternative lighting options!  Incorporate them into your lifestyle and perhaps then, when the grid fails from time to time, we won’t even notice!


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