Do What You LOVE for a Living... Start Your Own Homesteading Business!

Homesteaders often hold down a full-time job (that they hate) in order to pay the household bills, then come home and do the work that they love…

but don’t get paid for!

I know how painfully exhausting it is to run a homestead and work full-time at another job.

You come home from work, mentally spent.  Then you have to muster up the energy and motivation to do the things you actually LOVE doing.

Working the land.

Growing food.

Getting dirty.

Tending to the earth, animals and the things that feed your soul (and mouth!)

What if I told you that if you’re already homesteading, you’re over 50% of the way to having your own homesteading business???

Actually, you might be even closer than that! So why not put the additional 50% in and make money doing what you love….homesteading!

The last 50% is the trickiest…not because it’s harder than the first 50% (actually it’s far easier!) but because we get in our own way.

-You feel unsure about your business sense.

-You feel tired from all of the other things in your life.

-Self-employment seems terrifying.

-You feel alone.

Turn Your Passion into a Money-Making Business!

I’ll take the fear out of starting your own homesteading business!

  I’ll help you through all of the steps to starting your own business!

Starting a Homesteading Business” eBook contains over 70 pages designed to help homesteaders leave unfulfilling jobs and earn a living doing what they love….homesteading!

I lay out a blueprint for leaving the workforce that touches on more aspects of running a profitable homesteading business than any other homesteading book out there, including topics like:

-Creating a working budget and paying off debt.

-How to save capital for a homesteading business.

-Unity of homesteading spouses.

-Discovering what people want to buy from homesteaders.

-Finding your niche.

-Active vs. Passive Income streams.

-Creating a full-service homesteading calendar.

-Using Covid to your advantage!

-Finding paying customers and how to take payments.

-Setting up a Facebook business page.

-Developing relationships with customers and other homesteaders.

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