Natural Fall Decorating Ideas for Your Home

Natural Fall Decorating Ideas for Your Home

Fall is definitely my favorite season!  I’m not sure if it’s the colors or the textures, but I love all of the natural elements that are readily available during this season.  Why not bring them inside and use them to decorate our homes?   Here’s some of my favorite “Natural Fall Decorating Ideas for Your Home”!

You know, there was a time when I had quite a few storage boxes in the attic full of “seasonal decorations”.  Big, giant Rubbermaid boxes full of plastic and artificial decorations, accented with glitter, ribbon and fragrances. 

Every holiday season, the boxes would come out and the routine would begin.  I would mechanically place each piece where “it went”, where it “always went”.  

Over time, the decorations would “get old” for me, but because I had so much money invested in them, I continued to use them.  Every year, more of the glitter fell off and they looked a little worse.  But still….

Then, we had a fire.

No one was hurt, but we lost a lot of sentimental possessions.  We also lost all of our holidays decorations and were forced to start over.

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Since that fire, I’ve been very slow about running out to “replace” our holiday decorations.  As a matter of fact, the first year after the fire, we just had a borrowed Christmas tree and a few lights….talk about low commitment! 

We just didn’t know what we wanted to do from that point forward.   It didn’t feel right to replace all the plastic and toxic decorations.

Should we consider getting a real tree from this point forward?  Maybe we would plant a small spruce tree in a pot on the patio and just decorate it.  We just didn’t know, but didn’t want to go back to the way we used to do things.

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At the end of the day, we did purchase an artificial Christmas tree, but choose to decorate it with natural elements for the most part. 

Gathering pine cones and other dried flowers to decorate the Christmas tree with feels much better to me.  I enjoy stringing popcorn and cranberries to use as garland.  Beeswax candles that I made with wax from our own hives offer a warm and inviting light to our dining room table.  It’s simple and it feels right for us.

As for fall, there is soooo much available to decorate our homes with! 

Pumpkins, hay, dried corn, lentil, corn stalks and gourds!  

There are so many possibilities to use natural elements to decorate sustainably and “locally”!   

The colors and textures of fall largely sell themselves!  We merely need to bring them into and near our homes and give them a place to shine!

Here’s a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing….

Fall Decorating Ideas for the Porch

fall decorating ideas for the porch

The variety of “ordinary” items come together to make this porch shout “Fall is Here”!

Check out all of the baskets with mums and many colors of pumpkins peeking out!

This porch demonstrates that you can use what you have on hand to make a welcoming Fall porch!

fall porch decorating


I am a big fan of Buffalo checks, but when paired with the pumpkins, mums and ferns, this naturally-decorated fall porch looks amazing!


Oh my goodness, I am a pumpkin addict!  I LOVE pumpkins, especially unusual ones!  Look how gorgeous these different shaped and colored pumpkins are, simply stacked on top of each other.  The mantle has adorable dried wheat tied in a bow and a pumpkin made from grapevines.

OK, succulents are really popular but how creative this pumpkin planter is, with a little green moss!  So adorable!


Birch logs are so versatile and easy to decorate with!  Look how interesting they look on this mantle with just a few leaves and gourds?

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pumpkins in and around straw bale

Straw/hay bales are just a wonderful thing!  I just love the smell!  Bales are also pretty handy when it comes to fall decorating!  You can stack them, put things on them, arrange pumpkins around them, the list goes on and on!

Natural Fall Decorating Ideas for Your Home

Grain stalks are so fun to decorate with!  Put then in jars, vases, buckets or even tie them in a bow!  They give your tables or mantles a real “pop” of texture!


      mini pumpkins in a large jar


Pumpkins are one of the very best natural fall decorating ideas!

Putting miniature pumpkins in a large glass jar is so simple, but looks so groovy cool!  I’m definitely using this idea this fall!


Look how cute this little log is?   With a drill, you could make a couple of holes and slip votive candles into it!  Add a few leaves and mini pumpkins and you have a gorgeous centerpiece!


Why not make use of your window boxes by filling them with Indian corn and pumpkins?  How cute is this?

I hope you’ve got some ideas flowing to make some unique fall decor for your home!  While I love craft stores as much as anyone, I am turning my efforts more towards sustainable decorating.  After the holidays are over, I hope to be able to compost most of my decorations and start fresh again next year.  I’m not stuck with “last year’s decorations” every again!



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