Meals In A Jar: 53+ Canning Recipes

Meals In A Jar: 53+ Canning Recipes

Are you interested in canning easy meals in a jar for your long-term food pantry?  Then you’re going to love “Meals In A Jar: 53+ Canning Recipes”!

Canning your own convenience foods only makes sense, in these days of food shortages and overall economic instability!  Plus, there’s nothing better than cracking open a jar full of healthy, wholesome food that you canned yourself.

Meal planning becomes so much easier, especially when it’s been a busy day!  Get dinner on the table fast with these canned meals in a jar recipes!

Home-canned meals in a jar pair well with pasta, rice or other grains to complete the meal!

Break out your pressure canner, choose a few recipes below and get to canning some meals in a jar!

The BEST Canning Supplies for Your Homestead Kitchen

chicken marsala in a jar

Chicken Meals in a Jar

 Chicken and Gravy in a Jar – Healthy Canning 

Chicken Marsala – SBCanning

Chicken and Corn Chowder – Canning and Cooking at Home

Chicken Mexican Soup –

Canning Chicken – Lady Lee’s Home

Easy White Bean Chicken Chili – Homesteading Family

canned chicken pot pie meals in a jar

Chicken Pot Pie Filling – Canning Diva

Chicken Soup – Grow a Good Life

Apricot Chicken – Gifts from Goats

Chicken Broth – Sustainable Cooks

Sweet and Sour Chicken – Canning and Cooking Ia Style

Bourbon Chicken – Spark

24 Recipes for Canned Chicken – The Kitchen Community

Chicken Tortilla Soup – Canning Diva


how to can a whole turkey in a jar

Turkey Canned Meals in a Jar

Thanksgiving is right around the corner!  Take advantage of those deeply-discounted turkeys and can them up!

Turkey and Gravy Meal in a Jar – Canning and Cooking at Home

How to Can a Whole Turkey – Gently Sustainable

How to Can Turkey Soup and Broth – Gently Sustainable


home canned meat balls in a jar

Beef Canned Meals 

How to Can Ground Beef – Gently Sustainable

Beef in Wine Sauce – Healthy Canning

Canning Sloppy Joe’s with Meat – Gently Sustainable

Chipotle Beef for Tacos – Healthy Canning

home canned pressure canned beef stew meal in a jar

Vegetable Beef Soup – Simple Family Preparedness

Canning Homemade Chili with Meat – Gently Sustainable

Beef and Potato Pie – Healthy Canning

Beef Stroganoff – Healthy Canning

how to pressure can pot roast meals in a jar

Beef Pot Roast – Healthy Canning

Canning Beef Meatballs – Healthy Canning

Savory Beef and Vegetables – The Canning Diva

Spaghetti Meat Sauce – Canning Diva


how to can asparagus soup

Pressure Canned Vegetable Meals 

Barry’s Sweet Potato Soup – Putting Up with the Turnbulls

Asparagus Soup – SBCanning

Roasted Tomato Marinara Sauce – Gently Sustainable

how to pressure can pork and beans meal in a jar

Bean Meals in a Jar

Canning Pork and Beans – Back to Our Roots

How to Can Dry Beans – Gently Sustainable

How to Can Homemade Chili – Creating Homemaking

How to Can Boston Baked Beans – Grow a Good Life

16 Bean Soup with Chicken – SB Canning

The BEST Canning Supplies for Your Homestead Kitchen

how to pressure can pork roast

Canned Pork Meals in a Jar

Canning Apple Butter Pork – SBCanning

Canning Pork Loin – Preserving the Good Life

Canning Pulled Pork BBQ – Homestead Lifestyle

Ham and Bean Soup – Creative Homemaking

Canning Pork Meatballs – Healthy Canning

How to Make Pork Stock – Practical Self-Reliance

Roast Pork in Apple Broth –

How to Can Pulled Pork – Creating Homemaking

Mississippi Pork Roast –

Canning Sausage – Healthy Canning


how to can fish

Game Canned Meals in a Jar

Canning Ground Venison – Simply Canning

Pressure Canning Elk Meat – Linda’s Kitchen

Pressure Canning Moose Meat – Alaska Urban Hippie

Canning Fish – Simply Canning

How to Can Rabbit – Mother Earth News

How to Can Venison – Schneider Peeps


I hope you’ve enjoyed these easy, shelf-stable meals in a jar recipes!  If you have a recipe that you would like to share, leave it or the link in the comments!

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