How to Make Pumpkin Puree

How to Make Pumpkin Puree

Making pumpkin puree is the first thing I think about when I see those sweet little sugar pumpkins starting to ripen in the garden!  Some of them will be used as fall decor, but most of them will be made into puree for baking.  Sound good?  Let me show you “How to Make Pumpkin Puree”!

Making homemade pumpkin puree is easy to do!  It’s so worth taking a little time to process these nutrient-packed little pumpkins to use in muffins, cakes, pancakes or even smoothies!  

You can use pie pumpkins from the grocery, farmer’s market or your garden!

I find that the sugar pumpkins taste best and have the most flesh, however, you can use any pumpkin to make puree!

The nutritional benefits of pumpkin are nothing short of impressive! 

Pumpkins are an excellent source of vitamins A and C. They also contain fiber, potassium, and magnesium. All of these nutrients are important for maintaining good health. pumpkin puree is a great way to add pumpkin to your diet. It’s easy to make and can be used in many different recipes. pumpkin puree is also a good source of fiber and antioxidants. So if you’re looking for a healthy way to add pumpkin to your diet, try making pumpkin puree. It’s delicious and good for you, too!

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washing fruit


How to Make Pumpkin Puree

Wash the exterior of your pumpkin well, split it in two and remove seeds, discarding the stem. 

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roasting pumpkins

Place pumpkins face down on a greased cookie sheet and bake at 375 degrees until tender, close to an hour.

Your entire house will smell like heaven as you bake those gorgeous pumpkins! 

Once you see how simple it is to make your own homemade puree, you’ll never go back to canned!

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puree in food processor

Then scrape the pumpkin out of the shell, actually, it should just about fall out!

Puree in a food processor until smooth. 

pumpkin puree in zip lock bags to freeze


How to Freeze Pumpkin Puree

I like to measure out 2 cups and then put them into zip lock bags. 

Then lay them flat on a cookie sheet to freeze!

You can use this in any recipe that calls for pumpkin.


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How to Make and Freeze Homemade Pumpkin Puree

How to Make Homemade Pumpkin Puree

Kelly Morris
Why settle for canned pumpkin when it's so easy to make your own fresh, homemade pumpkin puree at home for pennies!
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Prep Time 30 minutes
Cook Time 40 minutes


  • Food processor
  • Stainless steel baking sheets
  • Rada Knife Set


  • Wash and dry pumpkin.
  • Cut pumpkin in half and scoop out seeds.
  • Lay halved pumpkin pieces face down on a lightly greased cookie sheet.
  • Bake at 375 degrees for 30-45 minutes or until tender when fork is inserted.
  • Remove from oven and let cool for about an hour or until cool to the touch.
  • Peel off outer skin and put the pumpkin flesh into a food processor.
  • Blend well.
  • Use pumpkin puree in all of your pumpkin recipes!
  • Pumpkin puree will last in frig for about a week and frozen for several months.
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This Post Has 28 Comments

  1. Michele Bayko

    Hello there – getting ready to give this a try; however, your instructions say cook at 350 degrees for about an hour …the “Printable” recipe says 400 for 30-45 minutes. Which temp/time is correct? Thanks!

    1. Kelly

      Hi Michele,

      Thanks so much for pointing that out!

      Bake them at 375 degrees, however, check them after about 30 minutes to see if they’re soft all the way through. If you’re using smaller pumpkins, it might not take as long to bake them.

      Once they’re completely soft, they’re done.

      Sorry for the confusion!

  2. Dayna

    Can this be used as soon as thawed, or is there a lot of extra fluid that needs to be drained?

    1. Kelly

      Hey Dayna,

      Yes, the pumpkin puree can be used as soon as it’s thawed, but alas, sometimes there is extra fluid. Drain any liquid by pouring puree into a cheesecloth-lined colander.

      Great question!

  3. H Yarger

    Can this be done the same way with already “gutted” and carved pumpkins?

    1. Kelly

      Hey there! Sadly, no. There would already be bacteria introduced into the flesh of the pumpkin.

  4. Debbie

    Hello, do you have to bake the pumpkin or can you just purée raw and use or freeze? Thanks

    1. Kelly

      Hi Debbie! In order to create a puree, you will need to bake the pumpkin in order to soften the flesh of the pumpkin. I hope that answers your question!

      1. Debbie

        Yes it did. Thanks

        1. Bonnie

          So which side is face down? The open now exposed side or the side where you would carve a face? Your picture shows them both ways.

          1. Kelly Morris

            Hi Bonnie! Either way will work but face down means the open side down, it just holds the heat a little better that way.

  5. Toni

    Can they be just regular pumpkins or do they have to be pie or sugar pumpkins? Also, can the puree have pumpkin spices added before freezing and can the puree be used to make just regular pumpkin pi

    1. Kelly

      Hi Toni!

      Yes, you can use any pumpkin, however, the sugar pumpkins are sweeter, have more flesh and are better for baking. You can add whatever spices you choose and you can make pumpkin pie with your puree! Great questions!

  6. Phyllis

    3 cups of pumpkin makes 6 – 9″ pies. using canned milk is the best because it doesn’t make the pie filling as runny. My mother cooked the jack-o-lanterns up. She peeled and boiled them on the stove. the put them through a food mill gets rid of and stringy flesh.

    1. Kelly

      Hi Phyllis!

      That’s amazing, thanks so much for sharing!

  7. Faith

    Do I have to freeze the puree or can I water bath can it ?

    1. Kelly

      Hi Faith!

      It isn’t recommended that you can puree. The reason is that the hot water can’t circulate properly through the squash to kill any and all pathogens. You should can pumpkin in cubes, here’s the instructions for that! Great question!

  8. Lindsea Warren

    5 stars
    What do you use to grease you pan?

    1. Kelly Morris

      Hi Lindsea! I just used a spray oil, like Pam. Thanks for your question!

      1. Paige Goodbody

        5 stars
        Worked fantastic! I saved the juice I squeezed out of the puree and froze it into cubes for my dogs. Pumpkin puree and pumpkin water is great for their digestive system and upset bellies. I warmed some up this cold morning for my weiner dog to sip while i drank coffee. Thank ya mam!

  9. Gwen

    Can I grate the pumpkin like I do carrots and freeze in bags? Thanks

    1. Kelly Morris

      Hey Gwen,

      Yes, you could grate your pumpkin and freeze it, however, since the consistency of pumpkin is a lot different than carrots, it might be more work that it’s worth. Let me know how it turns out!

  10. Jess

    We do this too. But when they come out of the oven i out the in a large bowl & cover with plastic wrap until they are cool enough to handle. This year we got 4 gallons!

  11. Anna

    So once your pumpkin is cooked you put it in ziplock bags immediately? If so how long do you wait til you freeze the bag and how long do recommend we can keep it frozen and it be good?

    1. Kelly Morris

      Hi Anna,

      I always let my pumpkin puree cool down before putting it in the bags. Then I lay the bags on a cookie sheet and put in the freezer until they set up to be nice and flat. Optimally, you should use the pumpkin in a few months, but as long as you keep it frozen, it will keep longer but may lose some quality and nutritional benefit.

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