How to Make Reusable Cloth Gift Bags

How to Make Reusable Cloth Gift Bags

I’ve been meaning to make these for like forever.  Finally, here’s “How to Make Reusable Cloth Gift Bags”!

I bought about 10 yards of different Christmas fabric on sale one year with every intent to make reusable cloth gift bags.  This year, I finally got around to it and I’m thrilled with the results!  What’s great about this simple pattern is that you can make reusable cloth gift bags for every holiday, including birthdays, and never buy wrapping paper again!

Also, when your friends and family receive a gift from you in a cloth bag, they’ve also received the gift of a free tutorial to follow!  How cool is that?

I intend to pick up some more Christmas fabric on sale here soon, but to also look for sale fabric for other occasions.

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How to Make Reusable Cloth Gift Bags

There isn’t really a pattern, we’re just sewing a rectangle and then a straight line.  I’ll show you how I did it.  I’m all about keeping projects simple and doable and refuse to get hung up on perfection.

Perfection is the enemy of completion!


You’ll need:

Fabric – You can use any rectangle piece of fabric, but I recommend at least 18″.  I made larger bags as well, lots of variety!

Ribbon – You can use just about anything that will tie in a bow for this, but I used 2″ ribbon for this project.

Sewing machine

Hot glue gun

Pinking shears


How to Make Cloth Gift Bags:

Fold your fabric in half and square it up.  Make sure the right sides are facing each other.

pattern template


Cut the perimeter with pinking shears to prevent fraying.

Sew around three sides, leaving one side open.

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sewing cloth gift bag

At the open top, begin to fold the edge down about 1/2″, and then fold again.  Sew along the edge, continuing to fold the edge as you go along.

Turn the bag right-side out and using a hot glue gun, glue your ribbon on with one or two dots.  Let glue dry.

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making cloth gift bag

And there you have a simple and beautiful cloth gift bag to use and enjoy!

I suggest making lots of sizes and patterns of these reusable cloth gift bags!  You can make them for other holidays as well, like birthdays or anniversaries!  What a great way in introduce the gift recipient to zero-waste!

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 I love Apple Green Cottage and their free patterns!  Check out their DIY Gift Bags here!

denim wine gift bag

Check out this thrifty and cute Denim Wine Gift bag at Threading My Way!

How to Make Reusable Cloth Gift Bags

Sew Very Crafty has a tutorial for this cute fabric gift bag, check this one out!

knitted gift bags

Finally, check out these 8 knitted gift bag ideas with all free patterns from Knitting Pattern!

Finally, the holidays don’t have to be cluttered with toxic and wasteful wrapping paper!  Instead, make one or more of these sustainable gift bags and use them year after year!

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