How to Make DIY Vitamin C Capsules

how to make DIY vitamin c capsules


Over the holidays is a fabulous time to get your hands on some gorgeous citrus!  Citrus comes into season in the warmer parts of the country during the holidays, so it’s in great supply!  What a wonderful source of Vitamin C!  Here’s “How to Make DIY Vitamin C Capsules”!

Vitamin C is so important to our health, especially in light of the fact that our bodies can’t make it!

But why buy store bought supplements that are full of GMO’s and chemicals?  Food is and will always be the best way to ingest vitamins and minerals!  What’s the point of supplements if you can’t absorb them?  All the more reason to make your own powdered vitamin C at home!




Citrus peels and the pith (the white part of the peel) contain bioflavonoids and other enzymes that allow 100% of the Vitamin C to be absorbed into your body.  It doesn’t matter how many vitamins you take if the body can’t absorb them, you just wind up with very expensive urine.  Interestingly, the peel contains more Vitamin C than the fruit itself.

For example, 100 grams of orange peel provides about 136 mg of Vitamin C, while the fruit provides about 71 mg (in 100 grams of fruit). That’s almost double!

Be sure to purchase organic citrus, since we’re going to be consuming the peel.  We don’t want to ingest any pesticides, sort of defeats the purpose, right?  You can use just about any citrus, but I’m using oranges and tangerines.  Lime and lemon work well too!

One large navel orange will result in about 1/4 cup of power, which should last you a week or so.

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orange rinds on dehydrator sheet

Wash and Dry

After washing well, break up your citrus peels into small pieces and dry them.  This can be done a couple of different ways.

A.  You can dry them in a sunny window for a few days, just make sure they’re good and dried out, they should be hard. (Will last about a week in the frig using this method, in an airtight container)

B.  Pop them in your dehydrator for several hours below 100 degrees (lower if possible so as not to destroy the enzymes) until they’re very hard.  I absolutely LOVE my dehydrator, here’s what I use.

Once your peels are dry, put them in the blender and grind them into a powder.  You could use a coffee grinder as well.

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orange rind powder in blender

Grind as fine as you can.  This is what mine looked like.

orange rind powder


So Many Ways to Use!

You can use this powder many ways, either in a smoothie or even mixed with a little water (yuck), but I prefer to make capsules.  I use size “OO”, you can get them here.

One rounded teaspoon of the powder is more than enough daily allowance for any adult.  However, studies show that smaller doses of Vitamin C taken more frequently will be better absorbed than larger doses.

Gently scoop up the powder in your capsules and then put the lids on.  Easy peezy.


There you have it!  Aren’t your DIY Vitamin C capsules beautiful?

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empty capsules


You will need to store your powder and any capsules in the refrigerator in an airtight container, they should last a few months.

For more information about the role of Vitamin C in your health and overall well-being, you might want to take the time to watch this very informative video by Dr. Suzanne Humphries.


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