How to Grow a Salad Bowl Container Garden

how to grow a salad container garden

“How to Grow a Salad Bowl Container Garden” is for those folks who LOVE summer salad veggies, but don’t have the room or time to grow them!  

There are several ways to grow a salad bowl garden these days, that don’t require a lot of time or space!

Some methods will work best for those who have a balcony or sunny window to work with.  Other methods work better for those who have just a counter-top or table to garden on.  

Regardless of your situation, you CAN grow something!

Just think about how convenient it would be to just be able to clip fresh lettuces from your salad garden, right before a meal!

Let’s take a look at some of these methods for growing!

salad bowl container garden
Credit: The Homesteader’s Wife


Who Would Benefit from a Salad Bar Container Garden?

  • Folks who don’t have access to soil to garden.
  • Those who work a lot of hours and don’t have much time.
  • Urban dwellers with sunlight from a window or balcony.
  • Avid gardeners who may need to take a year off for illness.
  • New mothers who don’t have time to garden.

In essence, anyone can plant a salad bar garden with a simple container, soil, seeds and a sunny window.

It doesn’t have to be any particular size or shape, just go with what you have on hand and get started.  However, I would recommend at least a 12″ diameter pot to feed one person.

I love these 5-gallon, reusable grow pots!  They are perfect for a balcony or patio garden!

Other vessels for your salad container garden that would work are empty planters, 5-gallon buckets, empty feed sacks or even old plastic drawers or storage boxes. 

grow salad in containers

Balconies, patios and porches are excellent places for these types of salad bowl garden containers.

Keep it simple, you can always modify later.  (Just make sure you allow for drainage in unconventional containers, you may need to drill some holes!)

13 Fast Growing Vegetables for Summer

You’re going to need some good organic, planting soil. 

The quality of your soil will in large part determine the success of your garden, so buy good soil.

This can be found at your local nursery, Amazon or your local hardware store.

5 Ways to Avoid Garden Burnout

If you want to include a tomato plant in your salad garden, you will need a container like a 5-gallon bucket

Cherry tomatoes tend to do best in container gardens.  You will definitely need a small tomato cage for support.

Buy the best quality heirloom seeds that you can afford, this allows you to save the seeds to use again next year.

Saving Heirloom Tomato Seeds

Using seed markers, record the date and the name of the seeds you are planting.  It’s nearly impossible for me to remember once they’re in the soil!

How to Grow a Salad Container Garden

In about 5 weeks, you should be able to start harvesting from your salad bar garden.

Continue to clip from the greens as they become ready, this will promote growth!

But, there are more ways to plant a salad container garden!

Stackable pots are all the rage this year!

I purchased them myself and used them for strawberries, however, stackable pots are perfect for a salad bowl garden!

Plant lettuce in one or two compartments, spinach in another, radish in another and so on….

These sit nicely on a front porch or back patio!  Stackables are as attractive as they are productive!

Grow Light Garden

What if you don’t have a sunny window, porch, patio or balcony to grow on?

Grow light gardens, like the one above, are gaining popularity with apartment dwellers as well as those who work a lot of hours.

This little garden can be used as an herb garden, a place for seedlings or even a salad bowl garden!

No need to worry about turning the LED grow light off and on, it has it’s own timer for day and night.

So simple to use, you could involve your children or grandchildren in your growing adventures!


Counter-Top Hydroponics Gardens

Hydroponics, which is growing plants with nourished water rather than soil, has “grown” (pun intended) tremendously in recent years.

Now you can grow with smart technology, right on your counter.  The 76 grow lights have two modes: one for fruit and one for vegetables.

The water pump is virtually silent, as it oxygenates the water for 30 minutes on and 30 minutes off.

What a fun way to grow your salad bowl garden, right on your kitchen counter!  It practically grows itself!

salad container garden


salad container garden


Planting a salad bowl garden is as simple as:

-Finding the right container for you.

-Filling your container with quality growing soil.

-Planting good quality heirloom seeds, according to the directions on the back of the package.

-Water and watch them grow!

Enjoy your salad bar container garden this year!




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