How to Dry Broccoli Using a Dehydrator

How to Dry Broccoli Using a Dehydrator

Broccoli is one of my favorite vegetables to grow…and eat!  While freezing is the standard way to preserve broccoli, why not make it shelf-stable by dehydrating it?  Wait, can you dehydrate brocolli?  Yep, it can be done!  Let me show you “How to Dry Broccoli Using a Dehydrator”!

woman holding brocolli in garden

I can hardly wait to harvest my broccoli every year!  I never feel as though I grow enough of it!

Broccoli is such a nutritional powerhouse!

I’ve always been allergic to cow’s milk, albeit raw, cultured, whatever.  I cannot drink it in any form.

Rather than supplement my diet with calcium capsules, I’ve made a point over the years to eat a lot of broccoli and almonds, both for the calcium they supply!  One cup of cooked broccoli provides 180 mg. of calcium, more than a cup of milk.

When broccoli isn’t in season here in Ohio, it’s awesome to be able reach in the freezer or on the shelf for broccoli to include in family meals!

fresh cuts of brocolli

When using garden-fresh broccoli, be sure to soak the heads for a few minutes in salt water.  Using warm water (not hot) with about a handful of salt will bring the broccoli worms right out!

worm in fresh brocolli

Here’s one of those broccoli worms now!  Yuck!

After all of the worms come out, give your broccoli a good rinse and let’s get to chopping.

slices of fresh brocolli on cutting board

Break or chop the florets into small pieces.  When slicing the broccoli stalk, you may want to peel it first and cut it into 1/2″ pieces.  The broccoli will dry best at this size.

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small pieces of chopped broccoli on cutting board

Place all of your beautiful chopped broccoli on your dehydrator tray!

I use the Excalibur Dehydrator and have for many years.  In my opinion, the Excalibur is the best dehydrator on the market.  It’s not the cheapest, by any means, but it was worth saving up for.  It’ll be the last dehydrator I’ll ever need.

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fresh broccoli on dehydrator tray


fresh broccoli on dehydrator tray

According to the Excalibur instructions, your broccoli will need about 10 hours to dry on the vegetable setting.

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dried broccoli

When your broccoli is finished drying, it will be brittle.  Be careful when handling it.

dried broccoli in a mason jar with oxygen absorber

I like to keep my dehydrated broccoli in a mason jar with an oxygen absorber.  This is what 4 crowns of broccoli looks like when it’s dehydrated!  Easy to store in a cool, dark cabinet!





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