How to Dehydrate Carrots

How to Dehydrate Carrots

Sometimes you’re out and see some gorgeous produce that just begs to be taken home and preserved!  That was the case today when I saw a great deal on a 5# bag of organic carrots, so I brought them home to dehydrate.  Carrots are so good for you, rich in Vitamin A plus minerals and potassium!

I absolutely love dehydrating food!  It’s so quick and easy to do!  Let’s get these carrots dried! (Here’s the dehydrator “work-horse” that I own!)

First things first, we need to give them a quick rinse and then cap and peel them.

How to Dehydrate Carrots


How to Dehydrate Carrots

Time to cut the carrots into 1/8-1/4″ slices, or you could shred the carrots to use in baked goods, like carrot cake or muffins.  Better yet, do some of both!

Whenever you dehydrate vegetables, blanching is required.  Blanching is a brief cooking in boiling water for 3-5 minutes, followed by a plunge into ice cold water to stop the cooking.

Start a pot of water and bring to a full boil, then drop your carrots in batches into the water.

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How to Dehydrate Carrots

Because my slices were thin, I cooked them for 3 minutes, thicker pieces will need 5-7 minutes.  Then I strained them and plunged them in ice water to cool down.

(If you have livestock, you can feed the leftover stock and peels to them, my chickens LOVED it!)

Once cool, strain again and pat the carrots dry.  Then place the carrots on your dehydrator trays and pop in the dehydrator on the vegetable setting.

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How to Dehydrate Carrots

Here’s what dehydrated carrots look like…

How to Dehydrate Carrots

Isn’t it crazy how small they get??  5# of carrots only took up about 1/3 of a quart jar!  Store your dried carrots in an air-tight container and in a cool place like your cabinet.

I get a lot of mileage out of my dried foods!  Meal prep is so simple when I can just rehydrate my dried veggies (1 part boiling water to one part veggies) and use them in soups, stews or casseroles.  Plus, I’ve preserved much of the nutrition as well.  It makes eating well easy.




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  1. Suzanne

    This looks so good! What a great way to make sure you can use your garden carrots longer!

    1. Kelly

      Hi Suzanne,

      Thanks for your comment and yes, I love that dehydrating carrots is just one more way to make them easy to reach for and use!


  2. Vanessa

    Thanks for sharing! Can I freeze them for an even longer life?

  3. Kelly

    Hey Vanessa,

    Great question!

    Actually, dehydrated carrots stored in a #10 can with an oxygen absorber can last up to 10 years, if stored properly.

    I’m not sure exactly how long they would keep in a mason jar with an oxygen absorber, but I believe it would be comparable to the #10 can, if stored in a dark, cool room.

    Frozen carrots that are blanched first will last about a year.

    Thanks for reading!


  4. Kim

    Thank you so much for clear and precise instruction.

    1. Kelly

      You’re very welcome, Kim!

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