Farmhouse Christmas Tree Decor Ideas

Farmhouse Christmas Tree Decor Ideas

Farmhouse Christmas Tree Decor Ideas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, the Christmas season!  Time to decorate our homes and put up Christmas trees! I’ve got some great “Farmhouse Christmas Tree Decor Ideas” for you!

farmhouse trees

This tree, from, has so much farmhouse flair!  I just LOVE the galvanized tags with ribbon!  Aren’t the unfinished wood discs cute?  And the wood-bead garland?

Since the author designed this tree for the “Dream Tree Challenge” for Michaels, most of her supplies were purchased from there as well.  However, I would suffice to say that many of these ornaments could be made from what you have around the farm and in your sewing box!

Either way you go about it, this tree is wonderful!

farmhouse trees

I love the simplicity and elegance of this simple tree, wrapped in an old feed bag!  Personally, this would be perfect for me!

farmhouse trees

Wilshire Collections decorates a wonderful tree with copious amounts of ribbon, but also lots of zero-waste items!  Small wrapped gifts, tiny baskets and tin decorations are on this gorgeous tree, with twine and lights.

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farmhouse tree ideas

How simple is this?  Yet, it’s so cool!  Perfect for the front porch!

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I love this tree because of all of the natural elements on it!  Twine balls, pinecones, cotton-ball garland, burlap ribbon and a twig star on top!  This tree could be totally hand-made!

minimalist christmas trees

This adorable table-top tree is so eclectic!  But it all comes together so beautifully!  Lots of tiny stone ornaments, beaded garland and wooden ornaments!  Super cute!

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farmhouse christmas

I’m just really digging Buffalo plaid this year!  Can’t seem to get enough of it!  Coupled with burlap ribbon, it looks very festive!

farm christmas tree ideas


Once again, natural elements take the show here!  Beautiful pinecones, twine balls and burlap ribbon make this a farmhouse favorite!

farm theme christmas trees does it again with this really awesome farmhouse tree!  There’s everything from cows to tractors to chickens on this tree!  Check out the feed buckets, too!  So much fun!

I hope you’ve been inspired from these trees and got some fresh ideas for your farmhouse tree this year!

Farmhouse Christmas Tree Decor Ideas



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