The Gently Sustainable
"Homesteading Planner and Calendar"


As homesteaders, it can be difficult to find a yearly planner that “speaks our language”.

That’s why I created this “Homesteading Planner and Calendar”, first for my own use and now available for you!

-Kelly Morris

What People are Saying:

     -I love the fact that I can organize everything I’m doing in one planner!    ~Sandy, ND

      -The cool colors make me happy and more excited to use the Homestead Planner for all the things I’m working on!
~Rhonda, TN
     -I just put the planning pages in a 1″ 3-ring binder that I take everywhere with me!  That way, I can log in expenses on the go, plus keep my calendar up-to-date with the kid’s activities!  Thanks, Kelly!     ~Samantha, TX

You Need this Planner!

Be more effective, grow more food, be more organized, plan and achieve your homestead goals!

Launch Your Debt-Reduction Plan!

Build and stock your own Food Pantry!