Gift Ideas for Homesteaders – Homesteading “Must-Haves”

Gift Ideas for Homesteaders - Homesteading "Must-Haves"

I think all homesteaders look forward to Christmas!  Why?  Because it’s a time when they look forward to sales (and possible gifts!) on the tools they want and need to be more sustainable!  If you love a homesteader, you need this “Gift Ideas for Homesteaders – Homesteading “Must-Haves”- Homesteading “Must-Haves””!

You’ll never find me at a Black Friday sale. 

Nor will you find me at a mall, strolling around with bags in both arms. 

Christmas  brings out the worst in a consumer-driven society. 

However, on the bright side, Christmas can bring discounts on much desired items for your homestead. 

Whether you use your own funds, or add these things to your Christmas list (feel free to forward this to your significant other!), you might just find some of the best deals of the year. 

You’re welcome.

So, what are the best gift ideas for homesteaders for Christmas??  Here’s my list of the best homesteading Christmas gifts to buy for your loved ones!

Homesteader Holiday Gift Guide

Kelly’s Recommended Canning Supplies

(I’ll also admit that I personally own and use most of what’s on this page!)

canned tomatoes

One of the most important elements of homesteading is food preservation

Learning to can, both with a water bath canner and a pressure canner were paramount in my homestead journey! 

canning supply shop

Knowing how to can brings such purpose to our kitchens and pantries. 

Deliberately preserving healthy, home-grown food and building up your pantry for the colder months brings such a sense of satisfaction!


dehydrating carrots

Dehydrating has become one of my favorite ways to preserve food, especially when I’ve canned all summer long and I’m tired! 

Dehydrating is so fast and easy, what a relief!  I personally LOVE my Excalibur, here’s 11 Ways to Use an Excalibur

A good dehydrator belongs in every homesteader’s kitchen and makes a great gift!  Learn all the ways you can use it and put it to work! A perfect homesteading Christmas gift!

Learning to ferment food is a wonderful compliment to canning and dehydrating! 

Fermented foods bring good bacteria into our diets (and our gut). 

The cool thing about fermentation is that it’s very easy and fast, and doesn’t really require any special equipment! 

This Mason top fermentation kit is completely awesome!  I LOVE mine!

The Food Saver is another wonderful homesteader gift to have to preserve food and keep it fresh!  I use mine to keep grain/flour fresh as well as sealing meat for the freezer!  Keeping nuts fresh is a snap with Food Saver, but there are so many other uses! Another excellent homesteading Christmas gift!

  • Meal prep
  • Preserve all kinds of dry goods
  • Keep cereals fresh
  • Seal photographs and documents
  • Hiking or camping supplies
  • Seal cookie dough
  • Preserve herbs
  • Store bulk foods
  • So much more here!

Make your homesteader happy this year by making them just a little more sustainable this holiday season!  

How to Buy Sustainable Christmas Gifts








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