canning apple pie filling

Canning Apple Pie Filling

Canning apple pie filling is one of my favorite things to do when apples come into season every fall!  Having an amazing apple pie filling

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pumpkin bread recipe
Baking Bread

Pumpkin Bread Recipe

  If you are looking for a quick and easy pumpkin bread recipe, this is it!  This recipe has been a family favorite for years

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Instant Pot Pear Sauce Recipe

Pear Sauce Recipe

Every September, I pull out my pear sauce recipe because the pears on our trees are just about ripe!  Pear sauce is so similar to

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Blackberry Jam Recipe

Blackberry Jam Recipe

My “Blackberry Jam Recipe” is made with fresh blackberries that grow in my backyard.  Making jam is one of my favorite things to do with

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How to Dehydrate Carrots
Dehydrating Tools

Dehydrating Carrots

 Dehydrating vegetables, namely carrots, is one of the best ways to preserve this nutritional powerhouse!  By dehydrating carrots, you reduce the space they take up

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