Best Christmas Gifts for Self Sufficient Living

Best Christmas Gifts for Self Sufficient Living

Finding the best Christmas gifts for loved ones who are into self-sufficient living is a snap with these wonderful gift suggestions! 

Self-sufficiency is a lifestyle in which individuals are able to meet their needs without relying on external resources.

 Self-sufficient folks are usually into things like growing their own food, raising livestock, bartering, and living off the land.  Self-sufficiency is a way of life that allows them to live a more sustainable and independent lifestyle.

When it comes to purchasing gifts for self-sufficient living, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, consider what the person you are buying for really needs and what they’re hoping to do on their homestead next. There is no point in buying a gift that will just end up collecting dust on a shelf.

Second, try to find gifts that are both useful and meaningful.  A gift that can be used on a daily basis is always appreciated, but a gift that also has personal significance will be cherished even more.

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Gifts for Self-Sufficient Living: Ladies

Women who enjoy the self-sufficient lifestyle need hard-working outerwear that will keep them warm as they clean out stalls or feed the livestock!

High-quality coats, overalls, hats, boots and gloves will all be practical and welcome gifts!

Gifts for Self-Sufficient Living in the Kitchen

A large portion of the homesteader’s time will be spent in the kitchen, either processing food for canning or freezing, baking bread or preparing a lovely meal for the family.

Having the proper kitchen tools is essential and the best part is that these products will last for many years to come!

The Best Books for Self-Sufficient Living

Every self-sufficient person relies on a library of books to not only read and learn from, but to also refer back to time and time again.

Thorough and detailed, both of these books are on my book shelf and I highly recommend them!

Self-Sufficiency for the 21st Century completely changed my life many years ago.  This book is a classic that will be referred to often and greatly appreciated!

The Self-Sufficient Life and How to Live It” is another classic book that will keep you coming back for more. 

Learn about livestock and husbandry during the winter months with these excellent books!  I find that winter is my learning and planning time, and I always have a stack of books that I’m working through while the farm is a bit slower pace.

Encourage the Beekeeper

It took me years of reading and research to get started with beekeeping and these two books are excellent!  After reading a lot of books about beekeeping that left me generally confused, these two books (and other books by Larry Connor) are the only books about the subject on my bookshelf today.

Self-sufficiency is more important than ever, as we face difficult economic times.   Giving practical gifts that help others, or you, to increase your knowledge base will serve you well as you homestead.

Have fun with these Christmas gift ideas for the self-sufficient person in your life!

I would love to hear what you decided to purchase for them, even if it’s not on this list, tell us in the comments!

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