84 Ways to Stay Busy When You’re Stuck at Home

84 Ways to Stay Busy When You're Stuck at Home

Are you one of millions stuck at home?  Wondering what you can do to stay busy?  Here’s “84 Ways to Stay Busy When You’re Stuck at Home”!

Being forced to spend time at home can be a wonderful time to catch up on things!  Take advantage of this time to do those chores that you’ve been meaning to get to, organize and clean your home, catch up on your reading and even nap!

Check out my 84 suggestions and ideas!  Add your ideas in the comments!  I want to hear how you’re coping with this national emergency!

dollar bills

Take a Look at Your Financial Health

Working on our financial picture is something we never seem to be able to find time to do!  Why not dig into it now?  Improving your financial situation is always one of the best ways to use extra time and stay busy!

1.Work on setting up a budget.

2. Set up financial goals and post on refrigerator.

3. Download Every Dollar app on your phone and get acquainted with it.

4. Set up an Envelope System.

5. 50 Frugal Living Hacks to Pay Down Debt

6.  Forgive someone who doesn’t deserve it.

7. Start a Christmas fund.

8. Consider having a “No Spend” month.

9. Start a college fund for your child or grandchild.

10.  8 Ways to Teach Your Teenagers About Money

11. Start tracking one item in your budget (i.e. groceries) and look for ways to cut back.

12.. Check your app subscriptions and make sure you still want them.  We tend to forget about them while they drain our bank account.

13. 12 Frugal Strategies for a Debt-Free Life

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Clean Your Home

14. Deep-clean your home.

15. Go through that stack of papers that you’ve been avoiding.

16. Empty out your purse and de-clutter.

17. Clean out the fireplace or woodstove.

18. Polish all wood furniture.

19. Clean your leather furniture.

20. Clean out your refrigerator and organize.

21, Clean out your spice cabinet and organize.

22. Clean out your closet and reduce your wardrobe.

23. Clean out your linen closet, re-purpose older towels.

24. Change or clean your furnace filters (We stopped buying disposable ones and got these, we LOVE them! Never buy another one!)

25. Clean and wipe down your washer and dryer.

26. Treat your septic system.

27. Go through all of your appliance manuals and pitch what is no longer needed.

28. De-clutter/sell unused items.

29. Minimize. Get rid of things that don’t really bring much value to your life.

30. Clean and re-organize your bookshelf.

woman doing yoga

Work Out at Home

31. Take a hike.

32. Take a bike ride.

33. Take a power walk.

34. Make a habit of doing 50 sit-ups every day – make a chart to keep yourself accountable.

35. Yoga.

36. Stretch.

37. Lift weights using household items.

38. Dance and sing to your favorite music.

woman gardening with her children

Gardening and Digging in the Dirt are Excellent Ways to Stay Busy at Home

39. Plan your garden.

40. Start seeds indoors.

41. Split your perennials.

dogs taking walk

Stay Busy While You Have Some Fun with Your Pets

42. Go for walks.

43. Find new paths.

44. Give them a good bath.

45. Clean beds and crates by taking them outside and deep cleaning.

46. Put their pet food in a sealed container that you found around the house.

47. Order their flea/tick meds.

48. Organize all of your pet supplies (flea/tick, nail clippers, etc) in a basket or a drawer so you can find them when you need them.

woman gardening

Working Outside is a Great Way to Stay Busy

49.  Rake up fallen branches and sticks.

50. Clean out your landscaping beds.

51, Trim your landscaping.

52. Clean the windows of your home.

53. Power-wash your driveway.

54. Clean out the garage and really get it organized.

55. Re-stack your firewood.

56. Clean out gutters.

VW bug orange

Pay Some Attention to Your Car

Extending the life of our cars is definitely a wise use of time as one of the ways to stay busy at home!

57. Service your car.

58. Wash Your Car.

59. Clean the Inside.

60 Clean the Windows.

61. Clean out Your Trunk.

Build Your Mind

Improving our skills and knowledge base is another great way to stay busy at home!

62. Read those books that you’ve been meaning to get to.

63. Work at a craft that you’ve wanted to spend more time doing.

64. Join Craftsy! I’ve been a member for years and I love it!  I’ve learned so much over the years!  Crafting is one of the BEST ways to stay busy.

65. Check out KahnAcademy.com!  Classes for teachers, parents and students for free!

66. Read to your children! Reading aloud helps them to progress in language and comprehension.

67. Play an instrument or learn how (YouTube).

68. Learn how to code.

69. Run diagnostic, clean up and maintenance on your computer.

70. Delete photos that you don’t like.

71. Do puzzles or play games.

ghee in jars with lids

Cook or Bake to Stay Busy

If you’re still looking for ways to stay busy, get in the kitchen!

72. Bake some bread.

73. Make your own ghee or clarified butter.

74. Dig down deep into your freezer and make something from older ingredients.

75. Make a meal for a neighbor.

76. Learn how to make Strawberry Jam!

77. Make your own dog food.

78. Make your own laundry detergent.

elderberry plant

79. Make some Elderberry Syrup

free range chickens

Become More Sustainable

Improving your sustainability is always a wonderful way to spend time and to stay busy!

80. Set Homestead Goals for the year.

81. Learn how to pressure-can.

82. Learn how to be more sustainable while living in an apartment.

83. Improve your Zero-Waste skills.

84. Order chicks and have fresh eggs this year!

54 Ways to Be More Sustainable

84 Ways to Stay Busy When You're Stuck at Home

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