24 Best Christmas Cookie Recipes

24 Best Christmas Cookie Recipes

It’s that time of year again!  Time to bake cookies!  I’ve got exactly what you need this year, “24 Best Christmas Cookie Recipes” with pictures!  These are some of the very best, crowd-pleasing  Christmas cookie recipes out there! Not only that, these are some of the most popular Christmas cookie recipes and traditional Christmas cookie recipes, all in one place!

After all, we all crave a little variety in our cookie baking!  These recipes are simple to make and look fabulous on your holiday table or cookie plates!  Perfect cookie recipes for a cookie exchange! Make all 24!

classic easy christmas cookies

Let’s start this list off with Chocolate Crinkle Cookies for your Christmas cookie plate!  This recipe, from Oak Hill Homestead, is simple to make and delicious!  These would be a perfect, fast and easy cookie for a Christmas cookie exchange!

gingerbread cookie recipe

You’ll love this traditional Christmas cookie, Gingerbread Cookie recipe from A Modern Homestead

The cookies are soft, yet firm enough to hold their shape!  Perfect with or without icing, pair them with a cup of hot cocoa or coffee! Yum!

raspberry cheesecake cookie recipe

Don’t these Raspberry Cheesecake cookies look amazing? 

What a pleasant surprise on your cookie platter!  Rootsy makes this recipe so versatile – it can be decorated if you wish (but certainly not necessary) or you can make it gluten-free!  Easy and delicious!

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stained glass cookies to share

Sugar cookies are one of the best Christmas cookies ever!

Check out these “Gluten-free Stained Glass Cookies” from Noshtastic.com!  Aren’t they just beautiful?  Yet, so easy to make with children and grandchildren!

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snickerdoodles cookie recipe

Snickerdoodles are another traditional Christmas cookie that never fail to please!

Perfect Snickerdoodles don’t last very long around this house!  Look at these little traditional gems from Life’s Little Sweets!  Delish!


Perfect Gingerbread Cookies

Christmas Shortbread Cookies

peppermint meringue cookie recipe

Peppermint Meringue Cookies are light and airy, you can just pop one in your mouth and let it melt on your tongue!  We make (and eat) a lot of these every Christmas, you’ve got to try them!

chocolate mint sandwich cookies

I can just smell these Chocolate Mint Cookies, can’t you?  Make with or without the icing, these are tasty and fun to eat!   Thanks Common Sense Homesteading!

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sandbakkels recipe

Sandbakkels are a traditional Norwegian holiday cookie made with a crumbly dough that resembles “sand,” thus the name.  They’re also called sandbakelse or sandkaker, similarly translating to sand cookies.  Aren’t these such a unique Christmas cookie?  I’ve never had them but I plan to make some this year, thanks Adamant Kitchen!

gingerbread man cookies

Oh my goodness, look how crazy adorable this little Chocolate Gingerbread Man is!  This one from Evermine is a must this holiday season

cranberry sourdough pastry pinwheels recipe


christmas planner 2022 printable

I’m always impressed with unique Christmas cookies and this is definitely one of those!  Cranberry Sourdough Pastry cookies offer that eye-catching spiral, paired with a buttery taste!  Thanks butterforall.com!

Grandma's easy thumbprint jam cookie recipe

I just love these “Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies” from Finding Zest!  Not only are they easy to make and delicious, but it’s a wonderful way to use up that extra homemade jam!

buckeyes peanut butter balls

“Buckeyes”, or Dinner at the Zoo’s “Buckeye Peanut Butter Balls” are a “non-negotiable” if you live in Ohio.  You know, THE Ohio State Buckeyes and buckeye trees?  Yep, we Ohioans LOVE our buckeyes and we make them every year!  If you’ve never made them, for goodness sakes, stop what you’re doing and make some!

chocolate haystacks recipe

Lemon Tree Dwelling is where I saw this recipe for “Ting a Lings“, but in Ohio we call these “Haystacks“!  Sweet and salty, this recipe can be made so many ways!  We like to use pretzel sticks, chex mix, raisins, dried cranberries, whatever we have on hand to make these!

double chocolate cherry cookie recipe

These “Double Chocolate Cherry Cookies” from Small Time Woman are just so beautiful and delicious!  They freeze well and so they would be good for Christmas cookie recipe exchanges!

easy Christmas cookies

Check out these “Easy Christmas Cookies“!  You can make three different types of Christmas cookies from one dough!  Talk about using your time wisely, thanks Common Sense Home!

cinnamon roll cookie recipe

These unique Cinnamon Roll Cookies, from A Modern Homestead, are perfect for you cinnamon roll lovers!  Instead of eating a whole cinnamon roll, you can just pop these little gems in your mouth!  A perfect holiday tradition!

gingerbread bars with cream cheese frosting

Look how beautiful these “Gingerbread Bars with Cream Cheese Icing” are from Cooking Classy!  What a great Christmas cookie recipe for lunch boxes or teacher’s gifts!

insanely delicious turtle cookie recipe

The Kitchen is My Playground offers this amazing “Insanely Delicious Turtle Cookie” recipe!  They look absolutely decadent!

chocolate coffee cookie recipe

When I first saw this recipe, I thought they were chocolate cookies to be eaten with coffee.  But I was mistaken, this Chocolate Coffee Cookie recipe has coffee in them!  Oh my goodness, I’m sold!  What I like about these is that they’re fancy enough for Christmas, but are still a good cookie recipe for any time of year!  Thanks, Common Sense Home!

grain free orange cream and cardamom cookie recipe

Grain-Free Orange Cream & Cardamom cookies will please all of those family members with dietary sensitivities this holiday season!  Keto and low-carb, I think this means you can eat even more of them!!

Rena's Soft Molasses cookie recipe

Oh, my husband is going to love these Rena’s Soft Molasses Cookies!

Soft, chewy and traditional, these are sure to be a hit in your house, thanks Grow a Good Life!  These would be another easy choice for a Christmas Cookie Exchange!

dark chocolate peppermint cookies

The Surly Housewife boasts of this all-time favorite cookie recipe, the Dark Chocolate Peppermint Cookie!  These will look beautiful on your cookie plates!


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easy decorated Christmas cookie recipe

Look how beautiful these are!  The Cafe Sucre Farine gives detailed instructions for making these “Easy Decorated Christmas Cookies“!  These cookies are the best cookie recipe for Christmas decorating!

chocolate macaroons

You can’t have a cookie collection without Chocolate Macaroons!  These little bite-sized, sweet and salty delights from Life Currents will be a crowd-pleaser!

There you have it, 24 Easy Christmas Cookies Recipes!  Get baking!



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