11 Food Dehydrator Recipes

Dehydrating is one of the world’s oldest food preservation methods.  Today, dehydrating food is so much easier and so much fun!  My guess is that most people don’t utilize their dehydrator as often as they could, so here are “11 Food Dehydrator Recipes”!

You can use any food dehydrator for the following recipes.  Personally, I own an Excalibur and I can’t say enough good things about it!

As the author of a sustainable living blog, I feel that I have a responsibility to educate and to promote good quality, dependable tools.  Money is too hard to come by, why waste it on cheap products that won’t last or perform the way you need them to?

I’ll be honest, I had to save up for my Excalibur dehydrator

Sure, it would have been so easy to just “buy the cheapest” one and get by.  But I wanted a food dehydrator that had good ratings and reviews, from a company that had been around for a good long time.  Excalibur has been around since 1973 and manufactures its dehydrators in Sacramento, California.

I also wanted a dehydrator that performed, with accurate temperatures and air flow.  The final product is critical!  If food isn’t dried correctly, it might go bad and not get to be eaten.

Tray size is important to me as well, I don’t like to be restricted by round trays.  I can’t get as much as I need to on them!  My Excalibur trays are 15″x 15″!  That’s 225 square inches per tray!

I got everything I wanted and more, again, I love my Excalibur!  Worth the money, and if you have to save, worth the wait.

Excalibur has a wide variety of sizes and styles available, check them out!

With that said, I can’t wait to share with you all the ways I use my food dehydrator!  It is one of my most used kitchen appliances!  When the harvest is plenty and you just can’t get to everything, your dehydrator can be a life-saver!

orange slices on dehydrator sheet

11 Ways to Use Your Food Dehydrator


Dehydrate Fruit

Fruit is one of the easiest foods to dehydrate! 

Most fruit will simply need to be washed and peeled (perhaps treated for darkening), then cut into 1/4 to 3/8″ slices.  Place them on the trays and set the temperature for fruit!  Easy!  I have dried apples, pears, strawberries and grapes sitting on my counter right now that I’ve been working on, getting ready to go into jars for labeling.

strawberry slices on dehydrator tray

Dehydrated fruit can be used for munching, but also baking! 

Reconstitute your apples and you are ready to make an apple pie! 

Crumble up the dehydrated strawberries and toss them in your quick bread batter, oatmeal or over pancakes!  I am constantly finding new ways to enjoy fruit from the dehydrator!

how to dehydrate carrots

Use Your Food Dehydrator to Dry Vegetables

Dehydrated vegetables are one of my best-kept secrets in the kitchen…it’s how I can throw a meal together in nothing flat!  With just a few minutes of prep time, I can have a soup, stew or casserole ready to go by using dehydrated veggies!

How to Dry Broccoli

How to Dry Carrots

How to Dehydrate Carrots

dehydrated tomatoes

How to Dehydrate Tomatoes

Winter time brings basketball season around here, which means that we’ll be running to and from games in the evening.   When everyone is starving after the game, it’s great to know that I have a homemade and nutritious soup or stew waiting for us at home in the slow cooker, made from dehydrated veggies.

Did you know that you can dehydrate frozen vegetables from the store as well???  Yep, and the cool thing is that you don’t have to blanch them!  Just spread them out on your handy-dandy dehydrator trays and let ’em dry for 6-10 hours!

dried herbs

Dehydrate Herbs

OK, I love herbs.  So much so, that I harvest herbs 9 months out of the year.  I grow culinary and medicinal herbs, but I am also a forager, who likes to bring home everything from chickweed to dandelion.  All of them go right into the dehydrator, without much effort at all! 

My Excalibur allows me to take advantage of fresh herbs that I have access to by dehydrating them now, and storing for later use.  Once winter is here, I pull many of my dehydrated medicinal herbs out of the cabinet to make salves and teas.

dried fruit rollups

Fruit Leathers in the Food Dehydrator

Fruit leathers are so healthy and easy to make!  Plus, it’s the perfect use for surplus fruit that’s “on it’s way out”, but not gone bad yet.  Simply use the dehydrator sheets!  Here’s some yummy fruit leather recipes for you to try!

Dehydrate Dog and Cat Treats

Don’t forget about your “fur babies”!  I’ll bet you never thought about making Fido some Yum-Yum Leftovers and the cat some Whiskers treats in the dehydrator!


Food Dehydrators Make Amazing Granola

Why use the oven to make granola when you can just toss it in the dehydrator?  So much easier, plus it won’t use as much electricity.  Here’s my family’s favorite granola recipe!

homemade chili powder

Make Fresh Herb and Spice powders

After drying your own fresh herbs and spices, you could take things a step further and make your own herb and spice seasoning mixes!

Make Jerky with Your Food Dehydrator

We purchase whole beef every year, and there are times when I just need to get some of the cheaper cuts used up.  One way I do this is to make Beef Jerky.  Using a round steak, I’ll simply cut the steak into 1/4-1/2″ slices and soak in a jerky mix for a few hours.  Then place beef strips on the trays and dry.  My family absolutely LOVES my jerky!


dehydrated eggs

Dehydrate Eggs

When you’ve got too many eggs coming in, or find them on sale at the store, you can whisk them up and let them dry on the Excalibur drying sheets.  Once dry, grind up the eggs into a powder and reconstitute (1 part powder/1 part hot water) to use.

food dehydrator recipes

Use Your Food Dehydrator for Dry School Projects

Ever make doughy art projects or have too much glue on a page?  They can take forever to air dry, use your dehydrator!


Make Your Own Potpourri 

Who doesn’t love the smell of potpourri?  Make your own by drying fruit, spices, herbs and flower to create your own combinations!

Isn’t it amazing that you can do all of these 11 Amazing Dehydrator Recipes with a simple dehydrator???   The possibilities are just endless, what a valuable tool for any kitchen!




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