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Everything for the modern homesteader! Whether you're a beginner or an avid homesteader, here's the latest information about self-sufficiency and being sustainable.

Growing Food

Self-sufficiency begins with growing your own food! Whether you're in an confined space, suburbs or open lands, here are tips and tricks for growing food! Gardening, foraging, small livestock and edible perennials!


Learning basic homesteading skills will take you a long way on your journey to self-sufficiency! I teach about canning, dehydrating and freezing food, fabric arts, how to store food for the long-term and more!


It's critical to have a handle on your financial situation when working towards self-sufficiency! I'll show you how to reduce your debt, feed your family for less, save money and plan your homestead purchases.

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I'm Kelly and I've been homesteading for over 25 years in Ohio, the Buckeye State!

During those years, I've homesteaded through many stages of life:
  • In debt with very little disposable income.
  • Living in the suburbs.
  • Pregnancy, miscarriages, breast-feeding and homeschooling.
  • Dealing with rebellious teenagers.
  • A dis-interested (in homesteading) husband who works a lot.
  • Moving to a 10-acre farm and homesteading on a larger basis.
  • Becoming an empty-nester and a Nana.
While I don't have a perfect homestead, I have a working homestead that allows for life to happen all around me as I strive to be more sustainable every day!

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