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how to set homestead goals

How to Set Attainable Homestead Goals

Learning how to set attainable homestead goals and actually having a plan for achieving them will make all of the difference in your sustainability journey! We all dream. Dreams about how we envision our homestead to function as well as other life aspirations!  How do we take those dreams and turn them into attainable homestead goals? Homestead Goals are Fluid

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Sustainable living and homesteading allows you to be in control of your food supply - urban, suburban or rural!

Grow Food

Grow and raise your own food with vegetable gardening, backyard chickens and other types of livestock!

Old-Fashioned Skills

Self-sufficiency is achieved by learning skills like canning, sewing, making your own cleaning supplies and cooking from scratch!

Frugal Living

Frugal living and staying debt-free will enable you to increase your level of sustainability!

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